Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The power of words.....

I recently watched a movie, called "The book of Eli". Its set in a post apocalyptic world, where resources are scarce, there are dead bodies strewn all over the world, and the new generation of people can't even read.. In a world like that, a gang lord, sends out his goons, day in and day out, trying to find a book,, a book that would give him the power to rule over everyone else... His subordinates do not understand, that how a book, could make happen, what so much muscle could not.. He then says, that the book has the words, the words that will hit people right in the heart, and make them come running to him, to worship him.. That book, will give him the words to use, the power to make them count!

The movie is set in Hollywood, so that book is the bible. It could as well have been the Bhagwad geeta or the Quran. The fact of the matter is, that though we say so much... How much really counts? How much would actually matter to you, how much would you remember say 1,2...maybe 5 yrs down the line?

This is where literature, and to a lesser extent, movies make their mark.. For example, i read a book some 4 years ago.. I barely remember any one thing that anyone said back then, but this dialogue from the book, just stuck!
"I shall have lived in vain, if i do not prove to you that the rapier of irony is stronger than the bludgeon of insolence."
-as spoken by Olivier Haddo, from The Magician, written by William Somerset Maugham.

Some movies just immortalize such stories, quotes, or poems.. They make you want to just stop and read all the great literature there is in the world..
There are few which do it with as much effect, as the movie Invictus... If you've seen the movie, you just cannot not be a fan of the poem! So here it is...

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

- William Ernest Henley (written in 1875)

Passing thought - If you want someone to be a really great writer,, ensure it by adding a "William" to their name! It seems like every other great writer in the world has the name!!

In the movie, they used this poem. But in real life, Nelson Mandela gave Francois Pienaar an excerpt from the speech, "The man in the arena", by Theodore Roosevelt.

Maybe someday, i'll be able to make every word count like these great people.. But until then, (I'm a maths student, i believe in probability),, So i'll use lots and lots of words, probability says, that atleast a few of them will be remembered!!

Movie review-
The book of eli - Slow, with brief stints of very gruesome action. Very cinematic. Every shot of this move could be made a wallpaper!! An entertaining watch, and a must watch for Denzel Washington Fans.

Invictus- One of those very feel good movies. Added to the fact that its based on a true story, just makes it that much better. Immortalizes Nelson Mandela, and what he did for South Africa. A very very good movie!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I was once a 10 yr old... back then we used to go ooh and aah at everything around .. when anything that looked cool and used big words to support it just made us fill up with joy and wonder!! When flash gordon , inspector gadget, mandrake and phantom seemed like the coolest people ever!! we used to dream of things like light speed jet planes, ultra-streamlined cars and bikes that were indestructible and could jump over anything, jet fitted roller skates, gravity defying shoes,, trans-dimensional flights, and argued about things like the coolest transformer, the best g.i.joe, knight rider vs street hawk ..etc etc (i could go on forever...)
Its like living a dream and being in the coolest place ever.. where everything is cool... ( who cares if its even fathomable with todays technology! if it isnt, we'll become the cool scientist-cum-ass-kicking-superhero who just invents a way to do it!!)

I'm sure every hot-blooded guy around has felt the feeling.. its the reason why supercars and superbikes are still bought today by true automobile lovers!! its just to appeal to that little 10 yr old still hiding deep within us! to satisfy that little kid inside, who is proud to own the fastest and most insane looking car/bike around!!

For some lucky people, they actually get to live the dream.. And don't even have to spend a bomb to get it.. Yes, i'm talking about the guys pretty much every kid at some point of time wanted to become when the got big... Air force pilots!! flying around ultra-cool jets, pulling off unimaginable manouvers in air, firing awesome missiles around, and kicking enemy ass and looking cool while doing it!! Every kids dream!!

For little people like us,, we have to settle with the smaller pleasures of life... just being able to be close to one of these,, is a once in a lifetime experience!

Dateline- sometime after 1987
Place - Undisclosed location
I went to my air force cousins/uncles place (we are very close, but its a long confusing relationship.. i don't exactly know which one he is) .. He's a pilot (previously a fighter pilot), and he got some special permission, allowed only for family members.. and took me down to the air force base!

There are a few sounds that get me as fired up as the sound of a jet engine firing up! (no pun intended).. So, from this point, till the end of the post (and maybe the next day too!) there was an unstoppable ear to ear smile across my face!

We were standing beside the runway, looking at fighters, and support jets taking off one after another for their practice sessions!

He showed us in the far off distance the "idli plane". This was a plane with a huge idli on top of it.. This apparently, was an AWACS. This is a flying radar, that once in air, can apparently detect any plane taking off anywhere in neighbouring countries.. Talk about cooooooooooool !!!

Our destination was the Ilyushin.. The IL-78 (Ilyushin 78).. This is an aerial refuelling plane, capable of refueling fighters, increasing their range almost 4-5 times!!! Talk about awesome! This is done by a pipe being let out ,, onto which the fighers hook on to, and take in fuel..

When we reached the parking lot (don't know what to call it!),, there was one that was about to leave.. The one we would see was behind it.. My impatience to go in lead to this conversation...
Me: "Why don't we go from behind, and look at the next plane"
Uncle: "This is the biggest plane around here. Its as big as a 747. Each engine generates around 12000 Kg's of thrust. So thats a total of around 50,000 kg's of thrust. If i even drive my car from behind it, it'll topple over and maybe fly away.."
Me(Thinking): coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !!!
Uncle: "And We have these guys with us!" (referring to my 2-6 yr old cousins who came along)
Point noted!!

Once the way was clear, we proceeded to inspect the IL at close range! The size dawned upon us as we got closer... This thing was HUGE!! The tyres were almost as tall as me, and they seemed miniscule compared to the size of the aircraft! This was one huge 210 tonne flying monster!! We walked in, to the cockpit, to approach the seats of the pilot, co-pilot, and 3 engineers.. There were about 5-600 switches and dials and meters in there distributed over the panels.. All the people in there, Each guy specializing in the panel where he/she sat... I sat in the pilots seat, and moved around the joystick a bit.. asked the meaning of many of the levers, sticks, buttons etc... The buttons/switches/toggles are colour coded. Red:Emergency use only/ very important controls.. Like i said, there were little kids with us,, and the moment they saw the red buttons, they left everything else and pressed all the red buttons!!!!!! Seeing the eminent danger of letting kids near the controls of the monster,, we left...

This was followed by the bloated bottom front of the plane, which housed another radar.. What is scarier, is that you can look down from there and see the ground.. Imagine a guy landing at 250km an hr,, seeing the floor a few feet away!!

This was followed by an external tour of the plane, and how many of the things work... including the refueling mechanism, and the paradrome used for it, and the machines behind it, the controller,, etc etc..

All in all,, it was every little boy's dream come true!!!
I leave you with an exhibition clipping of refuelling done over delhi...
My salutations to the great people of the IAF,, for keeping us safe, and looking so cool while doing it!!


and some photos

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Intelligence prevails..

They (the poor creatures who've realized they're not very intelligent) say..
"I was born intelligent,
Education ruined me."

For their sake, Lets assume they were 'intelligent' when they were born.
Compared to the other species, maybe they were.

Intelligent life forms the other hand.. We say...
"I was born intelligent,
Education just proved to me what i already knew" !

(My heart goes out to the great and witty soul who thought of the original saying, but far too many people plaster it on their shirts these days as a brazen excuse for stupidity and laziness for me to appreciate it anymore)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Foggy in delhi!

(For all you bike enthusiasts out there,,,let me clarify,, Carl Fogarty a.k.a Foggy didnt come to Delhi,, This is about the actual fog! :) )

When people think of mist/fog, its usually something amazing, something we've seen in movies on mountains or the most beautiful and green hills, almost heavenly, like you're sitting on a cloud and everything is floating...Brings out all the natural beauty, and the poets and artists from within us..

I like winters, and i love fog mainly cos of the 'smoke' that comes out of your mouth on a cold misty day! But then,, sometimes,, even i believe that too much of a good things is BAD!! So here goes,,

Dateline - Jan 2010
Place - Gurgaon

It was about 12 or 1, and i was about to leave office. Just then i had this conversation with the electrician...

elec: "Sir-jee, kohra(fog) bahut zyaada ho raha hai."
Me: "Koi nehi yaar, dheere chala lenge, ghar to jaana hi hai"
elec: "Par sir, aaj to zyaada hai"
me: (Thinking the guy is exaggerating as usual) "theek hai, itna kitna ho sakta hai?"
elec: "Agar aap aur mein baahar khade hote,,,to main aapko nehi dikhta"
(He was abt 5 feet away from me!)

I still thought, it can't be thaaaat bad..So i went to the parking lot, but as i stepped out, i could make out it is a bad situation,, but i could still faintly see my bike which was about 30 feet away. I thought, if without a light, i can see this much, with a light, it should be no prob!

And moreover, i would be travelling 5 out of 7 km by one of the best lit roads in the country (the NH8), so it shouldn't be a problem.. Got out, drove about half a km, at a slow and steady 20Km. This is where it got reeeally bad... The visibility drastically dropped..Maybe near my office it seemed better cos of the heat from the office building.. I could barely see 10 feet ahead of me.. I actually realised the gravity of the situation, when the i was looking for my right turn,,but i passed by it without even seeing it!!!! I knew i could drive along that road blind-folded, but this was taking it a bit too literally!! I realised i had missed the right, when i saw the neon sign of an office up ahead! I changed from driver mode, to navigator mode, keeping the speed steady, pointing the bike based on the lights of the car ahead, or on some street light or shop sign i remembered (and could see!).. I really lost it, when i almost hit a couple of pedestrians, and cursed them for not wearing reflectors... So finally, when i got to the the NH8, i breathed a sigh of relief..

But nature it seems, wanted to go that one step further, to drive the point home.. The lights on the highway, seemed to be useful at times, and disruptive at others, cos the light the gave reflected off the fog, onto me!! (sounds weird,, i know,, but you have to see to believe).. I was driving blindly following the tail lights of any car ahead.. Where this failed, i was driving based on the knowledge of the road, and the arrows and lines on it!! To make matters worse, by this time, a layer of dew had formed on my glasses, and once every minute or so, it replenished itself.. To help the cause of my dwindling vision..

So when i finally reached home, i should've been glad that i made it, and slept a good nights sleep.. But then,, a night like this could not be wasted!! So i woke maurya up, out came the cameras, and we went on a photo shoot !!

Here's what we got!!

Let me answer a few questions here
1. The video's/photos were taken with an average mobile cam.
2. There is no color filter/blur effect applied, what you see is how it was!

Here are a few videos we took!

A bigger and better one,,on you tube


So ppl, the next time your flight gets delayed (especially to Delhi) cos of fog, thank your stars, that in conditions like these, the pilots didnt try flying!!

At the height the cockpit and seats are, you wouldn't even see the ground when you landed!!