Monday, March 2, 2009


(This post was meant to be around valentines day,,,but then, i've been tied up with work, so here it is...)

We've all been infinitely bombarded with romantic cliches in almost every kind of humanly known expression..So it gets you thinking, i mean,, whats the big deal after all?? And for the more philosophical types, "what is love?"..

"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet."

Now, who am i to questiong ancient greek philosophers? So i'll just go with the flow of what they said, and write some poetry of my own..

"When you're in love, even the most dreadful things seem ok,
come storm, drought or fire, just the thought of your love is enough to lighten your day!"
Aditya the great!!
(No! i'm not going to apologise for any irreparable mental trauma caused by the above lines!)

What brought out this side of me??... The thing is,,its always been there..It was just unleashed one cold winter day in 6th sem in college..Here's the story!

Dateline--> Jan 2007 (6th sem, college)
Place--> Jaipur

Our even semesters start in January. My 6th sem started out on a really rotten note. I was majorly pissed in life for lots of reasons. Added to that was the nail biting cold of winters in a desert (jaipur has proper desert weather). And when you're in hostel, having "air conditioned"(excessively ventilated, with the glass missing from most of the windows, and a huge open area in college allowing highly efficient flow of wind!!) bathrooms and even toilets, that sort of makes it even worse..Forget bathing, you can't even GO comfortably!!!! Apart from that, i was having problems with the teachers picking on me in the most unlucky ways....Basically, a crappy month it was with me all bugged with everything around..

Then one day pandu and i had to go somewhere...It was a bit far, so like always, we went around looking for people with bikes..We found it in an unlikely place, when the manipuri michael revealed to us, that his bike was actually working, though barely! He said it'll have problem starting, the horn doesnt work, brakes are slightly loose, it might stop once in a while in middle of the road, and it also guzzles fuel like mad..Now this sounded bad even by standards of college bikes!! But if there's anything guys in college know how to do,, then it is how to extract every last bit of life(and fuel) out of bikes.. So we were off, helmet and keys in hand looking forward to the challenge..

Its only after i reached the bike stand that i realised, that the bike was an old relic, one of those with 1 shift down and rest up,,a kind which i had never driven before...But then, with our sights set on our work, i went ahead anyways..After dusting off the layers of dust from it, we saw that this was actually an RX 135!! So we knew this bike would atleast move! After multiple kicks, acrobatics tilting the bike, and about 10 other jobless people giving advice about how to start the bike, the bike finally came to life!!

Now, everyone's have heard of love at first sight... But that moment, when the bike roared into being....That ......oh that feeling...than undescribable rush of joy...It was love at first sound!!!!!! It was the stuff every bike enthusiast dreams of! This my friends, was the stuff of legend, things we hitherto only heard of in stories from far-off lands.. its scream was coarse and unrefined, loud beyond compare, erratic, it was a roar of a mad beast, screaming out to be unleashed, but still under your control, with you still being able to aggravate its rage when you so wanted !! In one second, all the hard work that i put in to starting the bike seemed trivial...I sat there just revving up the engine..with a smile growing that kept on growing, the only limits to it being my tiny face!! i could do this aaaaaaaaaaalll day long!!!!!

or could i ???

to be continued.....


  1. Whatever makes you happy man, whatever makes you happy!!

    Keep up the awesome posts :)

  2. and i thght u wr finally going to reveal abt ur feelings for pandu.

  3. well i am tashamni, i had a very diff experience when i was with adi on his bike. it was jan and i was sitting behind him, we were going at a sped of 80 and suddenly a car came in front of us, adi tried to move from side but there was the road devider, at that time i felt that time of reunion with god has come for me and i was just chanting lords name butdont know due to my luck or adi the car stopped and we escped brushing both car and divider. but the point was that even after this adi was riding at 80, still get goosebumps when i think abt it.