Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thanks Everyone!!

Lots of people have been asking me whats with my status msg on gmail since the last few days.. Here's why...

Dateline-->Commemoration of the day of arrival of adi the great to this world! (2009)
Place--> Delhi

A few days back was my birthday.. Usually birthdays for me are a very big affair, with lots of people coming with big parties and lots of spending of time and money.. But this was my first bday away from home or hostel, and there weren't too many people around.. So I didnt expect too much,, was just planning to have a bit of fun with the few friends around..

So Lets see how it actually went....
->Number of people who came to wish me at 12--> Only 1
->Cake --> None (First bday in my life without a cake!!)
-> Grand Gifts/Personally made gifts --> none
-> gifts --> One
-> Big party with lots of people --> nope
-> Encouragement i got for the big plans i told people when they called and asked "What plans for the day??" --> Close to none...

Here are the 2 plans i told them-->
Plan 1: Go skydiving!
When asked how: Go to safdarganj airport. Enrol for flying classes (Not very expensive!). Get to be flown around in a 2 seater plane.. Once in air, jump off!! Take a couple of bedsheets in case can't find parachute!
- - waaaat??? seriously??? - can you even do that??
- - do you want this to be your last birthday?
- - (From only 1 guy).. Go for it!! But Dont waste the bedsheet.. It'll be more fun without it!

Plan 2: Hire a bike, jump over a building
(Noone asked How)
- - huuuuuuuuh????
- -Why ?? (Me: Generally! to make it a birthday worth remembering!)

So you can see,,,i got close to no encouragement for the big plans i made!! So basically,, most of the things you associate with a bday were a little more than ordinary day...

But then,, it was MY bday!! it can't be such a sad affair...So here are the cool parts of it..
->Got greeting cards from home (Though 3 weeks early,,its the thought that counts!).(awesomeness: 7/10)
->Spent most of the night attending phone calls (from 12 to 4!).. Many of these calls were from places halfway around the world!! (awesomeness: 9/10)
->I was a telephone operator,, barring a 1/2 hr break at around 2:30 at night when we went to drink chai at a thadi outside! (awesomness: 9/10)
->Woke up to the sound of bday wishes from home! (awesomeness: 8/10)
->Morning at relatives place. Special food made for me!! (awesomeness: 8/10)
->Met an old friend who unexpectedly ended up in delhi for the weekend!! (awesomeness: 10/10)
->with friend, had roadside kaala jaamun, stick waala ice cream and awesome delhi juice (which strangely is always of the same reddish/pinkish color, regardless of which juice u order! I drank my red pineapple juice without asking!) (awesomeness: 9/10)
->I love driving, and i roamed around most of the morning and afternoon on bike..
- - big bike in great condition
- -great south Delhi roads
- -No traffic
- -clouds that seemed to come out at the right times
- -And whats more,,, hot female on bike with me! (awesomeness: Do i even need to specify??)
(Queries in this regard shall not be entertained! You'll just have to take my word for it!! The people who need to know,,already do!)
->Spent hot afternoon with cousins playing board games.(awesomeness: +7/10
->Got msg and call from sis, in her own special ultra cool way!!!.(awesomeness: 8/10)
->Evening party with friends. Small group, great fun!.(awesomeness: 8/10)
->Finished the day, learning how to do a wheelie based on some great newfound gyaan given by a bike crazy friend! (Cant maintain it,,,but still,,its a start!)(awesomeness: +9.5/10

But the coolest part of the day was...
->Number of attempted calls to me in the whole day: More than 100 (awesomeness: 10/10)
->Number calls actually talked: around 30. (Average time> 10 Min)
The rest of the calls reached call waiting, or were ignored/rejected by me..You can call it "bhaav khaana" if you want..(On my bday i think i'm entitled to it!)..But it was mainly cos i was driving,, or when i was with the old friend/female! But most of the people did make multiple attempts.. Some did at different times of the day too!! After every call i got, i felt that much more important!

But the bottom line is that sooooooooooo many people remembered,,,and made major efforts in making my bday a great day..
(The awesomeness counter is off the scales!!)
The day turned out to be one of my best birthdays ever!!
And its all cos of all the cool people around me!!
So once again,,,

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dont try this at home !!! (Contd)..

(Continued from last post)

Place-> college
Timeline-> 8th sem

Started watching the telugu movie, was called Run, i think.. Wasnt as nonsense as i expected it to be, so it didnt really help.. Eyes drooping, but head splitting, i kept drinking water, hoping the effect would subside.. And as i kept drinking water, i wanted to drink even more of it... And my mouth was drying up very soon, so i kept drinking.. About 15 minutes, 2-3 trips to the loo and a 2 litre bottle of water later, i realised i had to go fill water again!! And in the time i took to reach the water cooler, my mouth got incredibly dry!! And so restarted the cycle! This might have been the vicious circle of bhaang... Abd quite frankly speaking, if it was for something this harmless,, i didnt really mind.. But that,,i would never know..

As I reached my room and started the movie again, there was knocking on the door.. I didnt make a sound, hoping that whoever it was, would just go away assuming im asleep.. But then came the real shocker,, it was gujjin and baba asking me to open the door!!! I thought those guys would've slept by now!! I wanted them to just go away, so i didnt make a sound.. But as time went by, their knocking (by now it was banging, kicking and screaming too!) the door only got louder! I felt like i was in one of those bad horror movies where the bad guy just keeps coming and coming and coming no matter what.. Amongst all the cries to open the door from outside,, i couldn't hear meena's voice.. And i couldn't stand the banging anymore.. So, hoping for the best, i opened the door..

In comes stumbling gujju.. Smelling of puke and Still screaming those funny words,,"help me man,, get me out of this conscience!!".. Lands straight on my bed and before i could say anything, was asleep and started drooling (with all the unwashed puke) on my bed.. Baba sat on the chair, and start frantically started moving the mouse around as if looking for something.. When asked, he said he was looking for some guy he knew on gtalk to ask what to do.. I opened it, and he couldnt see the name and was like "adi, dekh na. Mujhe pata nehi chal raha ki ye banda online hai ki nehi". I then told him that it was my gtalk account open, not his. Asked him to log in to his, which he somehow managed and started typing some gibberish to many people!! And whats funnier,, is that half the people he sent chat messages to even replied in gibberish!! Most of them were O.U.T!! Then suddenly, as if to stop the entertainment,, gujjin sits up, starts crying again and says he's having nightmares and that we should do something! It was as if these guys were making a cheezy horror movie of their own!!

Now it was time to pull all stops,, so i proceeded to try to wake the sleeping palem.. (A person noted for his deep sleeping abilities, among others..). By now, it had hit me hard, and my head was spinning bad.. It was as if i was in a dream, with the same things happening over and over and over again.. That combined with the relentless above mentioned people ... I think u get the idea.. Difficult as it would be, i had to try to wake palem.. He was our only hope!!

You must have heard the term "Ghode baech ke sona".. For this guy,,we used to call it "ghode, gaay, bhais,bakriya,,, poora tabela baech ke sona!!".. 3-4 of us used to open his room window and SCREAM in unison in (usually unsusccessful)attempts to wake him up.. But desperate times call for desperate measures... So this time,, i banged and screamed like a bad horror movie villain!

I gave up after a while.. Consoling myself, that we usually can't wake him up even when we are all energetic in life... I was returning to the room to (thankfully) find gujjin asleep and baba "chatting" away to glory... But a min later, the great palem appeared outside our room,, our saviour,,, our knight in shinig armour to help us out.. This "knight" was groggy, wearing a yellow flowery shirt and red sakura pants,, but in the state we were, he was as good as a royal knight!!! The responsibility off me,, i completely gave in,, and all i remember after that was,,that palem, soon found emtpy rooms for each of us, and locked us in!!! But by this time,, all we had energy left to do was sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...

Got up finally at 11:30 at night.. Got palem to open the room. Saw gujjin and meena just waking up too.. We all had headaches and a general uneasy feeling, but were more or less normal.. Milk products are supposed to suppress the feeling, so we set out to saras to have lassi/chaach/milk shake etc etc.. All under the care of our very own palem..

The next morning, we saw baba coming for breakfast... So that accounted that we were all fine... But one person was missing since the start of the madness.. Yes,, that was pandu!!! He was last seen when we were having bhaang.. His phone not being picked up, noone seemed to have seen him after that.. We were almost starting to get worried,, when in the late afternoon he walks groggily into my room, asking me what the time is!!! The guy had been sleeping in his room ALL THIS WHILE!! FOR more than 24 hrs straight!!!

All of us safe and sound,, I started looking back at the events and the things we did wrong.. So heres the things u should keep in mind if u ever decide to try it...
1)Find out the proper amount to use .. In this case,, an overdose like the one we ignorantly had, is no fun (its only good for a story worth telling!)
2) There's a reason its drunk with thandai... Cos it generate an immense amount of heat inside. NEVER try drinking it with things like jaljeera!!
3) NEVER listen to a guy who's under that effect of bhaang about how to get rid of the effect.. Cold water which i brought to "save them" actually increases its effect!! (And because of point 2, we kept feeling more thirsty!)
4)DONT give a guy under the effect of bhaang any dangerous ideas.. They'll do it without even knowing!! (Eg: the puke!)
5) Have someone sane around, who can handle you!
And finally...once again...

People featured->
Palem -> Palem powaii, as his name first came up, is a master at giving fundas with arbit logics to follow them leaving most people baffled!! Another area of expertise is his ingenuity in torture mechanisms..Maybe cos He has had multiple fractures in pretty much every way possible.. More famously know cos he specializes in everything related to computer hardware.. All this with a permenant smile on the face, wearing flowery T-shirts and funny coloured pants!!
I can write a dedicated post only about the eccentricities and talents of this guy so i'll just leave it here!!