Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thanks Everyone!!

Lots of people have been asking me whats with my status msg on gmail since the last few days.. Here's why...

Dateline-->Commemoration of the day of arrival of adi the great to this world! (2009)
Place--> Delhi

A few days back was my birthday.. Usually birthdays for me are a very big affair, with lots of people coming with big parties and lots of spending of time and money.. But this was my first bday away from home or hostel, and there weren't too many people around.. So I didnt expect too much,, was just planning to have a bit of fun with the few friends around..

So Lets see how it actually went....
->Number of people who came to wish me at 12--> Only 1
->Cake --> None (First bday in my life without a cake!!)
-> Grand Gifts/Personally made gifts --> none
-> gifts --> One
-> Big party with lots of people --> nope
-> Encouragement i got for the big plans i told people when they called and asked "What plans for the day??" --> Close to none...

Here are the 2 plans i told them-->
Plan 1: Go skydiving!
When asked how: Go to safdarganj airport. Enrol for flying classes (Not very expensive!). Get to be flown around in a 2 seater plane.. Once in air, jump off!! Take a couple of bedsheets in case can't find parachute!
- - waaaat??? seriously??? - can you even do that??
- - do you want this to be your last birthday?
- - (From only 1 guy).. Go for it!! But Dont waste the bedsheet.. It'll be more fun without it!

Plan 2: Hire a bike, jump over a building
(Noone asked How)
- - huuuuuuuuh????
- -Why ?? (Me: Generally! to make it a birthday worth remembering!)

So you can see,,,i got close to no encouragement for the big plans i made!! So basically,, most of the things you associate with a bday were a little more than ordinary day...

But then,, it was MY bday!! it can't be such a sad affair...So here are the cool parts of it..
->Got greeting cards from home (Though 3 weeks early,,its the thought that counts!).(awesomeness: 7/10)
->Spent most of the night attending phone calls (from 12 to 4!).. Many of these calls were from places halfway around the world!! (awesomeness: 9/10)
->I was a telephone operator,, barring a 1/2 hr break at around 2:30 at night when we went to drink chai at a thadi outside! (awesomness: 9/10)
->Woke up to the sound of bday wishes from home! (awesomeness: 8/10)
->Morning at relatives place. Special food made for me!! (awesomeness: 8/10)
->Met an old friend who unexpectedly ended up in delhi for the weekend!! (awesomeness: 10/10)
->with friend, had roadside kaala jaamun, stick waala ice cream and awesome delhi juice (which strangely is always of the same reddish/pinkish color, regardless of which juice u order! I drank my red pineapple juice without asking!) (awesomeness: 9/10)
->I love driving, and i roamed around most of the morning and afternoon on bike..
- - big bike in great condition
- -great south Delhi roads
- -No traffic
- -clouds that seemed to come out at the right times
- -And whats more,,, hot female on bike with me! (awesomeness: Do i even need to specify??)
(Queries in this regard shall not be entertained! You'll just have to take my word for it!! The people who need to know,,already do!)
->Spent hot afternoon with cousins playing board games.(awesomeness: +7/10
->Got msg and call from sis, in her own special ultra cool way!!!.(awesomeness: 8/10)
->Evening party with friends. Small group, great fun!.(awesomeness: 8/10)
->Finished the day, learning how to do a wheelie based on some great newfound gyaan given by a bike crazy friend! (Cant maintain it,,,but still,,its a start!)(awesomeness: +9.5/10

But the coolest part of the day was...
->Number of attempted calls to me in the whole day: More than 100 (awesomeness: 10/10)
->Number calls actually talked: around 30. (Average time> 10 Min)
The rest of the calls reached call waiting, or were ignored/rejected by me..You can call it "bhaav khaana" if you want..(On my bday i think i'm entitled to it!)..But it was mainly cos i was driving,, or when i was with the old friend/female! But most of the people did make multiple attempts.. Some did at different times of the day too!! After every call i got, i felt that much more important!

But the bottom line is that sooooooooooo many people remembered,,,and made major efforts in making my bday a great day..
(The awesomeness counter is off the scales!!)
The day turned out to be one of my best birthdays ever!!
And its all cos of all the cool people around me!!
So once again,,,


  1. Yaar you should have told me bout the Sky Diving & bike jump ... I would not only have gladly supported you but also paid for the entire excursion

    Always like to encourage you when danger involving your life exists :D

  2. "The day turned out to be one of my best birthdays ever!!
    And its all cos of all the cool people around me!!"

    Duh. It was me and haggu after all.

  3. it was you guys in the evening...nice fun! But i was with other ppl during the rest of the day, which was loads of fun too...
    and what nailed it was the calls i kept getting throughout the day!!!

  4. boooooring... do something...