Saturday, March 21, 2009

The law of the garbage truck!

Lots of people ask me how is it that i never get angry, some of them saying they would like to see me angry, one case in going to the extent of saying that they're trying hard to get me angry!!...I just smile back at them, and they get even more confused about the mystery that is Adi...

As a kid, i was this puny little thing who used to go red faced and charge into people (age, size, gender no bar) who said/did something to irritate me, for the tiniest reasons.. In school on numerous occasions i charged into people only to realise 5 seconds later, that i was faaaaaaaar too small/weak to make any difference to them, and on more than one occasion, i got thrown to the floor in a matter of seconds!!

I am a Taurean after all, and the raging bull is too much a part of me.. But over time, some sense dawned, and i've learnt how to control the anger to a great extent.. And despite being big now, and able to put up a fight if needed, i still find the old tactics i used to not get angry more effective!!.. I do have many touchy areas,,and i blow my top for the tiniest reason when anyone does those things.. And most of the people who've lived with me know this only too well.. But in my defense, if i let go of those touchy things too, i would be betraying the Taurean within me!

The gyaan i gained which i use to combat the ragin bull? Simple ways..
(1) I'm in a crazy and talkative mood, in which case i divert my attention to something else or laugh it off before the anger gets to me.
(2) I'm making a conscious effort not to get angry at you.
(3) (The most common reason) I feel Superior and think it is below me to get angry at the things people around me are doing!!
Think about it, someone irritates me, and i come out feeling greater at the end of it! I even smile back half the times and get the person even more irritated than he already is!! Its a complete win-win situation!!!

For all of you who don't have a bloated ego like mine,, maybe this idea can act as a substitute.. Here's the story ...

”One day I hopped into a taxi and we took off for the airport. We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his breaks, skidded, and missed the other car by just inches! The driver of the other car whipped his head around and started yelling at us. My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean he was really friendly. So I asked, "Why did you just do that? This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital." This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call "The Law of the Garbage Truck".

He explained that many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they’ll dumps it on you. Don't take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well and move on. Don't take their garbage and spread it to other people at work, at home, or on the street

The bottom line is that successful people don't let garbage trucks take over their day.

Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so ……love the people who treat you right.
Forgive the ones who don't.“

Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love... continued....(all about the bike!)

(Continued from last post)

Dateline--> 6th sem, college
Place--> college, jaipur

I was in the parking lot, and finally got the dream of bike to start...And i was revving it up to just enjoy the scream...Finally, i decided to let it loose,,and get down to business..Set it in gear and released the clutch..What happened next brought another smile on my face,,though this time,,a different type of smile..The bike stalled!!! I started to think that it has only a bark and no bite...So there was a repeat telecast the long episode of starting the bike again...This time, when it awoke from its slumber,,i didnt fool around, i got out of the lot, and took a few seconds to acquaint myself with the gear system, got pandu to sit and set it free...

It was only then i realised how much of a bite it had!! This bike was a dream, it had a roar like no other, and when let loose, it just took off!! There was no stopping it..(remember, it had loose brakes too!)..But then, while sitting on it, you would never want to stop it anyways!!! It had a life of its own,,a little touch to the accelerator and it was off,,,faster than anything i had ever experienced...before i knew it,,i was in top gear at around 80kmph!! This bike didnt need a speedometer, it just needed a binary switch of on or off,,which said stop(0 kmph) or speed!(80kmph)...Nothing in middle even exists!! The slightest touch of the accelerator and it zoom away! And once it reached around 80,,it peaked out!! It wouldn't go any faster..But being the city, there was nothing faster! whizzing past everything else on the road,, enjoying the wind in my face and the scream of the engine,, i was loving every moment of it.. And then, out of the blue,,it stalled!!! This was the first bike i had ever driven, which at high rev's, for no reason whatsoever, just stalled!! The engine died, and i went rolling upto the next red light (thanx to the speed)...And then, this bike just wouldnt start! It had fuel, it had already heated up, it didnt seem overheated, but it just stopped, and refused to start!! This bike was COMPLETELY MAAAAAAAD!!! Whatever we tried,,nothing worked..So finally, we used the oldest technique used to start a geared vehicle,,,to push it and once it gains speed, put it in gear..The only reason for this technique to fail is that its not fast enough, or the bike is plain dead! Sure enough, it started,,and the moment it came to life, we jumped on the runnning bike and we were off..Again before i could catch my breath,,we were at 80 again!! It again stalled after a while, and again we repeated the process.. Repeating the cycle a few times, we finished out work and came back..

But as strange as it may seem, even after all that hard work of pushing it so much, we still loved the bike,,and the only reason we came back was that the bike was needed by someone else in college...There was nothing logical in this bike,,it was just plain MAD!!
This bike was one head turner!! whether it was cos you had to be deaf not to hear it,,or cos u just had to see what just flew by you,,the fact still remains,,that you couldn't ignore it!!

To give you a better idea, i thought of an analogy, comparing bikes you might see in India to animals..
The Donkey::Splendor, CD100--> This is not the most glamorous of rides, nor the most comfortable or even powerful..This beast of burden will do what its made for, carry things/people around for years and years together. Its as cheap and practical as can get, no frills, no thrills,, just plain transport from A to B.
The horses::Pulsar, CBZ--> These are for people who want a few thrills in life, don't mind spending that little extra to look stylish and race past the beasts of burden,,but still being useful for the day to day usage..(To prove my point, my college dhobi had a pulsar)
The race horses::R15, FZ16, Karizma--> These are not mean to used for daily mundane tasks..They'll guzzle fuel and run very very fast when needed..Meant to enjoy the powerful drive while turning quite a few heads..
The Russian Stallions::Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki Ninja etc-->These beasts have aaaaaall the power in the world, are the fastest things on land and will stop just short of flying but just need a rider daring enough to handle them.. They ride like a dream (only faster!!) and leave gaping jaws wherever they go because of the sheer class that they exude!!
The rhinoceros:: Harleys,Bullet--> You just can't miss one of these on the road. Each one of them is as close to a tank (on two wheels) as road laws allow..They are heavy, can be fast when needed, and are loud! Stay out of their way, cos they have enough momentum to break right through cars or even walls in middle!!

All the above is fine,,but something is missing here..An RX doesnt fit into any of these classes...No animal i can think of fits its charecteristics..The only animal i can think of is a cartoon character..the looney toons character..Tazz - THE TASMANIAN DEVIL!!

This fits perfectly...It is loud, faaaast, small and light weight, eats a lot, WILD!, it either stops or moves at full speed, dramatic (makes a scene wherever it goes!), will move a small distance and just stop for no reason!! and again starts again as if nothing happened!! in short,, MAAAD!!!

I've been going on and on about it, but those who've not ridden the bike wouldnt know...So
lets check out the specs..
1) Technology and power -> not very modern..has an old 2 stroke engine, with not too much BHp
2) Fuel efficieny-> this is a guzzler
3) Top speed-> not very impressive..
4) Style-> not very attractive as a bike standing on the side of the road..
5) Environmentally friendly-> not really...
6) Gadgets-> A speedometer! (thats abt it)
So what makes the bike soo cool??
7) sound -> To DIE FOR!!
8) acceleration-> So fast that it almost seems as if its a spring waiting to be released
9) Torque-> GOD level!! By the time you think of doing a wheelie, the tyre's already in the air!!
10) control -> It has a mind of its own, but when you learn all the eccentricities of the bike, it will do ANYTHING you want it to..

I've driven almost every bike in India, (except the superbikes)..But the feel of RX,,and the unmatchable..
The bike has been out of production for over 4 years..So when i wanted a bike, this was my first choice..One of my friends went to a second hand bike-dealer to find out how much i could get an RX for..He said
"aapko koi bhi bike la doonga, par RX nehi milegi..Jitne the, usme se bahut saare khatam ho gaye accident mein, baaki jo bacche hain, unko koi bechna nehi chahta!!"

So the love for an RX continues, and even today, when it passes by, you will see a faint smile dawning across all the bike enthusiasts faces.. They have all been in love...
If you haven't ridden one yet...I pity you,,you don't know what you're missing.....

Monday, March 2, 2009


(This post was meant to be around valentines day,,,but then, i've been tied up with work, so here it is...)

We've all been infinitely bombarded with romantic cliches in almost every kind of humanly known expression..So it gets you thinking, i mean,, whats the big deal after all?? And for the more philosophical types, "what is love?"..

"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet."

Now, who am i to questiong ancient greek philosophers? So i'll just go with the flow of what they said, and write some poetry of my own..

"When you're in love, even the most dreadful things seem ok,
come storm, drought or fire, just the thought of your love is enough to lighten your day!"
Aditya the great!!
(No! i'm not going to apologise for any irreparable mental trauma caused by the above lines!)

What brought out this side of me??... The thing is,,its always been there..It was just unleashed one cold winter day in 6th sem in college..Here's the story!

Dateline--> Jan 2007 (6th sem, college)
Place--> Jaipur

Our even semesters start in January. My 6th sem started out on a really rotten note. I was majorly pissed in life for lots of reasons. Added to that was the nail biting cold of winters in a desert (jaipur has proper desert weather). And when you're in hostel, having "air conditioned"(excessively ventilated, with the glass missing from most of the windows, and a huge open area in college allowing highly efficient flow of wind!!) bathrooms and even toilets, that sort of makes it even worse..Forget bathing, you can't even GO comfortably!!!! Apart from that, i was having problems with the teachers picking on me in the most unlucky ways....Basically, a crappy month it was with me all bugged with everything around..

Then one day pandu and i had to go somewhere...It was a bit far, so like always, we went around looking for people with bikes..We found it in an unlikely place, when the manipuri michael revealed to us, that his bike was actually working, though barely! He said it'll have problem starting, the horn doesnt work, brakes are slightly loose, it might stop once in a while in middle of the road, and it also guzzles fuel like mad..Now this sounded bad even by standards of college bikes!! But if there's anything guys in college know how to do,, then it is how to extract every last bit of life(and fuel) out of bikes.. So we were off, helmet and keys in hand looking forward to the challenge..

Its only after i reached the bike stand that i realised, that the bike was an old relic, one of those with 1 shift down and rest up,,a kind which i had never driven before...But then, with our sights set on our work, i went ahead anyways..After dusting off the layers of dust from it, we saw that this was actually an RX 135!! So we knew this bike would atleast move! After multiple kicks, acrobatics tilting the bike, and about 10 other jobless people giving advice about how to start the bike, the bike finally came to life!!

Now, everyone's have heard of love at first sight... But that moment, when the bike roared into being....That ......oh that feeling...than undescribable rush of joy...It was love at first sound!!!!!! It was the stuff every bike enthusiast dreams of! This my friends, was the stuff of legend, things we hitherto only heard of in stories from far-off lands.. its scream was coarse and unrefined, loud beyond compare, erratic, it was a roar of a mad beast, screaming out to be unleashed, but still under your control, with you still being able to aggravate its rage when you so wanted !! In one second, all the hard work that i put in to starting the bike seemed trivial...I sat there just revving up the engine..with a smile growing that kept on growing, the only limits to it being my tiny face!! i could do this aaaaaaaaaaalll day long!!!!!

or could i ???

to be continued.....