Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blog Drought....

I knew its been a while since i was here,, but it really hit me,,when i couldn't get the address to this place right the first couple of times!!! On one hand, i go around screaming at people that they don't read/leave comments,,and on the other,, i forget my own blog address!!! This maybe one of the few times i actually felt foolish about myself.... But then, shame is unnecessary feeling i shed a looong loong time ago... So this'll just be another one of those things i proudly , and i shall continue to enlighten/enliven peoples days from here!!

As to where i've been for soo long... I've just been busy...Apart from creating ground-breaking technologies and boosting the sagging economy of the world,,working 45 hr days and taking interviews,, had to make time for a few social gatherings, ranging from multi-national/multi-racial crowds to kids bday parties, right up to native andhra gatherings...Things like this have to be done from time to time to keep the fans happy you know... In the hours i saved in my life by sleeping those few hours less every night, i managed to squeeze in a couple of meets with international celebrities/authors, and catch a few movies and read a few books too.....Added to all of this were the cross-country bike trips and which included elaborate gastronomic menu's from every place we could find.....With all this, and the the semi-pro photography, gadgetry shopping , the Bike modifications and tuning and breaking land speed barriers....I've just not been able to pull up enough time to get down to writing... But finally here i am...

In my defence, there has been a general shortage of good writing of late online.. I'm referring to the blogs, more specifically about most of the blogs i read..,In the last 3-4 months, almost all of the blogs i read, either stopped, or decreased/shortened the size of the posts dramatically.. Its been,, what i would like to refer to as a blog drought.. Maybe it was the summer, the actual drought, pure laziness or just that people ran out of things to talk about... I mean,, i can't expect everyone to be going and doing cool things all the time!!

So with the actual drought clearing up, and rains flooding most cities in the country, i thought it might be a good time to clear out the blog drought too! So here i am, back to give meaning to the peoples lives (or atleast some humour)... This is the start,, i've got a lot of things to write about from the adventures of the last few months (stated above).. So i hope you guys will have fun reading, and getting scolded by me for not leaving comments! And hopefully, the other bloggers out there will come out to clear the blog drought too, (so that i have something to read when i get bored in office!)!!

So Till next time....Enjoooy !!!


  1. kya chal raha hai bhai? updates reqd...

  2. read para 1 !!
    For further details...i shall call you up!