Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chess and Boxing...

For a healthy life, Both the mind and body should be fit...So i've got my own way of doing this...

I've always liked chess, and been quiet a good player as far back as i can remember...Mind fitness, check!

Body fitness - Am not much of a gym person, i like to keep fit by playing sports.. But then, if you want the best of both styles, there's nothing better than boxing! There's something utlra cool about boxing, the raw aggression, a boxers gait, the ability to take infinite beating (call me weird, but i've always wanted to see how much beating i can take and still stand and manage a smile!).. I've always wanted to start boxing, but i never really got down to it..I will start soon(hopefully)..

Both are poles apart, one is the ultimate in brain, and the other ultimate in brawn!
But who said you can't have brains and brawn! And when i read this line somewhere,,,

"Have you been craving an athletic competition that combines the raw physical energy of a chess match and the strategic acumen of boxing? "

I've instantly knew, i've found the perfect sport for me!!

Its called ChessBoxing !!!

Yes, you read right, its chess boxing. And i suggest you follow the link and see the video!!
It involves 11 rounds of 2 min, alternating between chess and boxing!! A win , is a checkmate or a knockout, and if there's no result at the end of 11 rounds, the guy with the most points in boxing wins!!
I mean, just imagine this scenario...
X kills Y's Queen. Y is furious!! and then the round changes.. All i can say is,,
"Summbuddy's gonna getta hurt real bad.."
(praying "please be Y, please be Y", never really works u know :D)
And then Y is back in the game, cos X is too dazed to realise things!!

Its the perfect formula for an always exciting game!!
Can't wait to try it out!!
Anyone interested??


  1. raw physical energy of a chess match and the strategic acumen of boxing?

    was it mixed up on purpose, or am I missing something here ?

  2. trust u to come up with this

  3. @akka - This wasnt me!!! There's a link,,with people saying they'll make it an olympic sport!!!

    @anil - you really are as dumb as you look !!! not understanding simple things like that...