Sunday, September 13, 2009

heaven's opening up...

The whole rainy season, the weather department kept saying that it will rain...But the closest we got to rains here in delhi(barring 1 day) was 80-90% humidity everyday!!
Finally,season was over,, The weather dep pronounce a drought all over the country...
Then ... a couple of days later this happens!!

within 2-3 days,,north India is flooded with heavy rains lasting 3-4 days at a stretch!! The outcome was unprecedented!! This is not a sight you see everyday!

At this point, this little pool is home to 2 Buses,a car and a few bikes!! (dont ask me how!)

The Weather department's (mis)information lives up to its reputation again!!

Getting back to rains,,, this (lack of sense of adventure) isn't the only reason people hate rains.. Its the power cuts, the eternally wet clothes, and inability to move out are some of the other reasons and many more...

The great president of the hagga club (lord makhija),, stated he hated rains..On asking why,,this is what he said....
"Jab baarish hoti hai, to saala road pe pada hua 15 din puraana gobar bhi ZINDA ho jaata hai !! It comes back and hits you in the face with a vengeance!! "
This comment was one of the very few times, that i was left completely speechless! You can't really say anything at something so witty, so true, and so blankly put!

Frankly speaking, i should hate the rains too.... They're the reason my bike needs major repairs, and that i had to swim to work for a few days...

But then,, i remember this...

(I know most people won't recognize this picture,,, but hard as it may be to believe, its our college!!)
And ANYTHING that could turn our barren, sandy, and brown college into this....
Can be nothing short of AWESOME!!
That must be the actual reason behind the phrase.. "The heaven's opening up!"

"Where some see natures fury, others see nature's true splendor !!"


  1. How appropriate considering your last post had the word "drought" in it.

  2. The great president of the hagga club (lord makhija).... lol.... lol.... still ... lol.... hahahahahahaha
    Gobar zinda ho jaata hai .....

  3. But lord makhija should like the shit in his face rite ???? ( president of the Hagga club ) . Coz if he don't like it then he's bound to be sacked..... lol :D :D :D

    Anyone who climbed the hill would recognize the college dude .....

    btw grt post....

    waitin for chennai to drown or get blown to bits :D :D :D :D

  4. @pandu: You love food, so next time, whatever i find,,i'll just smear it all over ur face! And where is the respect for the president of your own club!!

    As for the college,,i know lots of people (even who climbed the hill) who took some time recognizing it with so much green!!

    And (if and)when chennai gets blown to bits,,this space shall be leased out to you to write your own account of it!!

  5. Once again ...nice one da !!

    liked the observation !!

  6. Nice one! waiting for more posts.
    hope u havnt run out of stories of the good old days.

  7. @parikh: run out of stories?? not even close! just need time to blog...